Safety and Waiver

Safety is Our Priority!

At Route 40 LumberJaxe, we will spend the first 10-15 minutes of your session going over the safety rules and proper techniques. Please familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines below. Then sign the waiver so you can be ready before you get to our facility.


Be sure to wear comfy, non-restrictive clothing that can allow for a wide range of motion. Hoodies, scarves and even brimmed hats can negatively affect your experience by snagging or limiting your motion. Also, CLOSED-TOE SHOES ARE A MUST. We may ask you to remove any unsafe clothing before you are permitted in the arena.

Axe Handling

Our AXEperts will instruct you on proper throwing technique during your session. The basic axe-throwing technique is to hold the axe firmly with both hands, similar to holding a baseball bat. Bring the axe back over your head, then bring it forward and release when your arms are extended straight in front of you.

Once both players in the arena have thrown their axe, it is safe to remove. To remove the axe, grab it by the handle away from the head. Pull it down and out to unstick it.

DO NOT take an axe outside of the area. DO NOT try to catch an axe that may bounce off the target. DO NOT horseplay or mishandle the axe in anyway.

Ready to Play?

Don’t wait until you get to our facility. Get to the axe-throwing sooner by signing the waiver now!

Our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response 

We’re so AXEcited to have you back! Your health and safety are our top priority and we’ve taken a long list of precautions to make sure everyone is well protected.


  • First and foremost – Stay home if you are not feeling well!
  • Reservations are highly recommended! We do accept walk-ins, however, they are taken only based on lane availability.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering the facility.
  • Axes are treated with EPA certified cleaner between each session.
  • Markers are replaced with sterilized markers after each session.
  • We replace erasing towels between each session.
  • The entire axe stall is sanitized after each session.


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